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Gas Burner Motors 230v

Gas Burner Motors 230v

- Range from 50W to 3kW. Over 1kW available to order.

- All standard motors are 2,800rpm.

- Flanges generally interchangeable.

- Rotation viewed on shaft.

- Flanges are measured from the centre of one mounting hole to the other (the PCD).

- All IP44 rated.

- Metric frame models available to order.

- Stock items listed, other models available to order.

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Simel Burner Motor Type 2154WattsHzShaft ØRotationFlange1505012.7mmReversibleNema 1Gas Burner M..
Simel Burner Motor Type 2156WattsHzShaft ØRotationFlange75508mmReversible130mmGas Burner Motor ..
Simel Burner Motor Type 2158WattsHzShaft ØRotationFlange2505012.7mmReversibleNema 2Gas Burner M..
Simel Burner Motor Type 2179WattsHzShaft ØRotationFlange755012.7mmReversibleNema 1Gas Burner Mo..
Simel Burner Motor Type 3159WattsHzShaft ØRotationFlange3705012.7mmReversibleNema 2Gas Burner M..
Simel Burner Motor Type 3160WattsHzShaft ØRotationFlange5505012.7ReversibleNema 2Gas Burner Mot..
Simel Burner Motor Type 3180WattsHzShaft ØRotationFlange7505012.7mmReversibleNema 2Gas Burner M..
Simel Burner Motor Type 37/3007WattsHzShaft ØRotationFlange3705012.7mmReversible4 Hole, 220mm&n..
Simel Burner Motor Type CD45/2067WattsHzShaft ØRotationFlange705012.7mmClockwise----Gas Burner Motor..
Simel Burner Motor Type CS 5/3007WattsHzShaft ØRotationFlange3705012.7mmAnti-Clockwise4 Hole, 2..
Simel Burner Motor Type VCD 4/2040WattsHzShaft ØRotationFlange1805012.7mmClockwiseNema 2Gas Bur..
Simel Burner Motor Type XD77/5WattsHzShaft ØRotationFlange1256012.7mmClockwiseNema 2Gas Burner ..
Simel Burner Motor Type ZD8/2073WattsHzShaft ØRotationFlange1106012.7mmClockwise----Gas Burner ..
Simel Gas Burner Motor Type 2157WattsHzShaft ØRotationFlange100508mmReversible130mmGas Burner M..
Simel Gas Burner Motor Type 2165WattsHzShaft ØRotationFlange1005012.7mmReversibleNema 2Gas Burn..
Simel Gas Burner Motor Type 2172WattsHzShaft ØRotationFlange150508mmReversible130mmGas Burner M..
Simel Gas Burner Motor Type CS 39/2070WattsHzShaft ØRotationFlange905012.7mmAnti-ClockwiseNema ..
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