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Commercial Gas Meters Elster

Elster QA Terbine Gas Meters

  • Main features:
  • Compact gas meter
  • Meter sizes QA/e - QA/s 1000
  • Flow ranges 1.6 - 1600 m3/h
  • Measuring range up to 1:20 at higher pressure up to 1:50
  • Nominal width DN 25 - DN 150
  • Aluminium Housing
  • Gas temperature -10oC up to +60 oC
  • Ambient temperature QA: -20oC up to +70oC
  • Maintenance-free
  • QA: protection class IP52 7-digit mechanical index
  • Metering accuracy in wide ranges independent of physical characteristics of the gas such as density, temperature and pressure
  • DVGW approved                                               

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Elster QA10 1" Turbine Gas Meter 1.6 - 16m3 BSPM Union Connections..
Elster QA100 80mm Turbine Gas Meter 10-160m3 PN16 Wafer Pattern Connection..
Elster QA16 1" Turbine Gas Meter 2 -25m3 BSPM Union Connections..
Elster QA160 80mm Turbine Gas Meter 13-250m3 PN16 Wafer Pattern Connection..
Elster QA25 1" Turbine Gas Meter 2.5-40m3 BSPM Union Connections..
Elster QA250 100mm Turbine Gas Meter 20-400m3 PN16 Wafer Pattern Connection..
Elster QA250 80mm Turbine Gas Meter 20-400m3 PN16 Wafer Pattern Connection..
Elster QA40 1" Turbine Gas Meter 3.3-65m3 BSPM Union Connections..
Elster QA40 1.5" Turbine Gas Meter 5-65m3 BSPM Union Connections..
Elster QA65 50mm Turbine Gas Meter 6-100m3 PN16 Wafer Pattern Connection..
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